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When We Were Grateful...

Last weekend, my friend hosted a bunko party to raise funds for tango2 disease.   She spent hours creating the invitations, decorating her house, organizing beautiful plates of snacks, and gathering prizes for the participants.   There were purple and green endive leaves and garlicy bread with various dips.   There were cups lined up next to bowls with scoops to fill them with pretzels, popcorn, chocolate, honey peanuts, and tiny ginger cookies.   Though there were many different circles of friends mixed together, everyone chatted easily and cheered as the dice rolled.   The prizes at the end seemed suited exactly to the winner of each one.   It was truly the perfect party.   Everyone was so pleased with the food, the gifts, and the company.     As the night ended, I hugged my friend tightly and I thanked her, but I didn’t have the exact words to tell her how much this meant to me.      Tango2 bunco party! On Thursday, I took Thea to her gymnastics class and found out at th