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When we potty trained Thea...

When Thea was about 3 years old, her auntie sent her a pink potty in the mail.   Thea loved the potty.   She admired it from all angles and sat on it immediately.   Shortly afterwards, one early Saturday morning, Thea woke up with a dry diaper.   As soon as I took off the diaper, I set her on the potty just to see what would happen and… instant success.   She peed right into the potty!   I was so proud.   I bragged about it to Thea’s preschool teacher as we arrived to school that morning.   “Great!”   She said.   “Please send her to school in panties tomorrow, and we will work on it at school as well.”   TOMORROW?   I thought to myself.   I wasn’t really sure how to potty train her tomorrow but I sent her to school in panties.   Each day that week, she just peed in her panties.   Over the weekend, I bought a LOT more panties and a book that some friends of ours had recommended about potty training that they had had success with.   The book recommended that