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When I wasn't ready...

The other day I was reading a book.   It was a reflective book, one that I turn to when I need a little inspiration.   I’ve read it many times before when suddenly I came across a passage that blew my socks off.   It was so striking, I couldn’t believe that it had been sitting there in that book the whole time.   How could I have missed this amazing passage?   I’ve read this book so many times!   It made me wonder if I had just skimmed over that part before and not really read it or if I had read it the whole time and was just now ready to begin to grasp that concept.   When I first learned about Thea’s diagnosis, I remember the feeling of not being ready, of not being able to really hear the diagnosis.   That part of me thought that after we got out of the hospital, things could just go back to the way they were before.   Our daughter would be perfectly fine.   The diagnosis lingered in the back of my mind, mysterious and hard to understand.   The research article