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When Thea was tired...

Thea is usually a pretty happy kid…unless she is tired.   When she gets tired, she gets stubborn.   This stubbornness usually involves public humiliation for me.   This summer, we went to the zoo.   It was a warm day, so I rented a stroller, bringing water and snacks so that I could make sure that our day was fun and not overtaxing her body.   At the end of the day, we returned the stroller to the zoo area.   I suspected that Thea was getting tired and beginning to get to her “ unreasonable” stage.   I knew this was the case when, turning around, I found her behind me arms crossed and glaring.   “It’s time to walk like a big girl,” I told her.   She continued to glare.   Our friends had already reached the zoo exit by that time and were probably wondering where we were.   I took a few deep breaths, hoping they weren’t in a hurry to leave. the "unreasonable stage" “Our friends are waiting,” I reminded her.   “Carry me!!!” She demanded reaching up a