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When there was an emergency...

When we dropped Thea off at my mom’s house that November day and left for our day trip, she seemed fine.   She was excited to spend the day with her Nana and kissed us goodbye as we left with no complaint.   Tyson and I enjoyed our day in LA and as the evening approached, we said good bye to our friends and prepared to make the drive home.   As we walked toward our car, my phone rang suddenly.   My mom was on the other line letting me know that Thea had been acting strange and tired for the past couple of hours and that she had just thrown up.   My heart dropped as I told my mom that she should take Thea to the hospital.   Thea can’t fast and throwing up means she hasn’t got any food in her stomach to help her cope with any stress her body is under.      Thea and her Nana We quickly paid our parking fee and pulled out onto the freeway.   We were only an hour away, but this was LA on a Friday and our car was inching along the freeway at 5 miles per hour.